Change back in form after 25 year 

Finally after 25 years a new Change CD album entitled Change Your Mind was released in april 2010 on the Italian label One Trybal/Fonte Records. But the music was already available in late 2009 on iTunes. This thirteen track album consists of slow jams and down/mid tempo songs. Some of the tracks are remakes of '70s and '80s songs. The romantic cut "Friends" for instance was previously released. Album co-producer Mike Francis composed and arranged this hit song for Amii Stewart in 1984.


Another reprise is Marvin Gaye's funky '70s stomper "Superstition" which received a Hip-Hop treatment for this album. The music was arranged and conducted by Davide Romani, and produced by Davide Romani and Francesco Puccioni a.k.a. recording artist Mike Francis (1961-2009).


Mike Francis was also founding member of the Lounge/Ambient group Mystic Diversions. The smooth sound he developed as a solo artist and with his group Mystic Diversions, especially on keyboards and synths, clearly influenced this Change production. The album was recorded at Heaven Studio in Rimini and mixed in London at the Sarm West Studios. The musicians involved were Mike Francis (keyboards, piano, guitar) and the original Change players Davide Romani, (bass, keyboards) Rudy Trevisi (sax, brass, keyboards, percussion) and Paolo Gianolio (guitar). Patrick Boothe and Lisa Fischer were the vocalists hired for the project. Many songs were co-written by Davide Romani, Mike Francis and Patrick Boothe.


The music was originally produced between 1990 and 1992. At first the project was called X-Change instead of Change. Mike Francis revealed in autumn 1992 that the X-Change album was finished and soon to be released. Leading music industry executive Clive Davis, then CEO of BMG North America, had signed an album deal with Patrick Boothe, Davide Romani and the late Mike Francis. But just the X-Change single "The Way You Want Me" got released on the BMG label in 1993. It’s unknown why the album project remained on the shelves all that time.


UK session singer Patrick Boothe had worked with Mike Francis earlier in Rome as a vocalist on one of his albums and they had become friends since. It was after Francis had chosen a couple of Boothe's songs to sing on his album that he decided they should record an album. On this album they sing together on the tender song "Time For Us".

Davide Romani and Mike Francis (photo below) were longtime friends also. Romani co-wrote and/or co-produced several Mike Francis albums during the '80s and '90s and he played in the band of Mike Francis.

The polished but outstanding production carries a typical early '90s R'n'B sound, more related to the UK style than the US variant. The classic Change tightness is still very firmly in place. The album's got a great balance between focus and flow, really steering clear of any too-commercial clichés, and topped with some strong lead vocals from Patrick Boothe. 




Davide Romani and Mike Francis provided plenty of keyboards. Romani's characteristic funky bass isn't strongly present on the recordings however and some fans might regret this. But there's a pleasant exception on "Sellin' Out". Album highlights are a new version of "Friends” with lead vocals from Mike Francis, the vocally impressive ballad “If Only I Could Change Your Mind”, the nice mid-tempo beater “Way You Want Me” and a compelling update of the Marvin Gaye classic “I Want You”. Other standouts on the album are “Say What You Wanna Say”, “Losing Me Again”, “Happy Ending” and “Things We Do For Love”, all perfect Change type tracks. The hard-hitting "Pussy Cat" has a raw 80's feel, flirting with Cameo and Paula Abdul. FD 
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Way You Want Me






If Only I Could Change Your Mind






Things We Do For Love






Time for Us






Sellin' Out






Losing Me Again






Pussy Cat






Happy Ending






The Glow of Love (Bonus Track) See All 25 Long Version






Paradise (Bonus Track) See All 18 UK Single Mix






Let's Go Together (The Paul Hardcastle Re See All 8






A Lover's Holiday (Bonus Track) See All 21 A Jim Burgess Mix






Say What You Wanna Say




2010 release for this album from the Italian/American R&B outfit. The record was arranged and conducted by Davide Romani and produced by Davide Romani and Francesco Puccioni. Many of the songs were co-written by Davide Romani, Mike Francis and Patrick Boothe. The outstanding production carries a typical early '90s R&B sound, more related to the UK style than the US variant. British member Patrick Boothe is the main lead vocalist involved and he does the job with fervour. Highlights are a great version of Mike Francis' "Friends", the vocally impressive ballad "If Only I Could Change Your Mind", the nice mid-tempo beater "Way You Want Me" and the Marvin Gaye song "I Want You". Other standouts on the album are "Say What You Wanna Say", "Losing Me Again", "Happy Ending" and "Things We Do For Love".



Change -


Although the rather down going end of Change they still stands as one of the best groups ever in their

time. ... and Patrick Boothe worked on a new secret album in 1990. ... Unrestricted!crazy love! in 1984)

and many more. … 






“Patrick's music is inspiring. The lyrics definitely have a message that our young, particularly, need to hear. The music lifts and moves, so that I couldn't help moving with it, smiling and wanting to share it with others. The genres blend beautifully in a seamless flow of great sound. Great stuff!” April 6, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


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Bobby Sparks 



Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 6/10

Pretty nice reggae. The singer is pretty strong, and music gives a chill, yet positive vibe. The lyrics are also pretty political, which gives a "fight with peace and love" type of vibe that any reggae nut will appreciate. Solid track.

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 6/10

composition was very ordinary in the track but the beats were very nice and tempo i liked very much in the trackvocals were nice in voice quality i really found the composition very refreshing oneand nice rhthm was presented in the trackreally innovative track

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 5/10

the lyrics on this track are interesting, but i am not so keen on the backing track, don't think the 2 go.

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 9/10

beautifull song. wonderful lyrics, perdect match with the instrumental. relaxing sounds. I love it! 1 point minus for quality

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 7/10

Relaxing, optimistic, funny song. Great for summer chillin. It is not very variated or very deep, but really easy to listen to. Singers goes well together, their combination is great.

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 8/10

Great style, i love the rythm's movement, it's so joyful and full of energy. The lyrics are sang with such a lovely vocalist, he sounds like a professional. Enjoyed every single beat, from start to finish.

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 8/10

The instrumentation left plenty of space around the males vocal power. The singing was simple but gave full prominence to the lyrical content which was thoughtful and allowed us to comprehend meaning throughout the surrounding musics simplistic nature. The skank was as expected and all sounds could be predicted but it was great none the less.

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 6/10

In the begining I thought oh yes this is really good it will definately go somewhere. After about 2mins I thought I heard a mistake in musical notes. But a very happy catchy tune. But then blends to other music thats been done before. If the begining could contiue to its standard then your would do very well.

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 6/10

There's a nice feel good beat here. One for the summer bbq. Music that inspires happiness is always a great positive. The only negative; perhaps the track length is a bit long.

Reviewed on 12 May 2011 by a  scout

Score: 8/10

very interesting song. vocalist sings beautifully, is very energetic and powerful voice. intonation very well sung. master sound is nicely tuned and all sound great. quite a nice rhythm and played excellent guitar. I enjoyed listening to you






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  • Average score: 6.46

Reviewed on 30 Apr 2011 by a 5-star scout

Score: 7/10

Solid drums on this reggae type music the singer is out of the top drawer as well and the song is really very good indeed I like the song as iot has a good toe and feet tapping quality that will go down well with all the clubbers out there

Reviewed on 30 Apr 2011 by a 2-star scout

Score: 7/10

I really liked this track. Its not the sort of thing I would usually listen to but very easy going and clearly of a high quality.

Reviewed on 18 Apr 2011 by a 3-star scout

Score: 6/10

This song has a good reggae style on the instrumentation that is indeed making this song sound unique. the singe sounded very good and melodic which is making this song sound good indeed. the artist needs to add more instruments in the background though and make this song sound more exciting to listen to.

Reviewed on 18 Mar 2011 by a 3-star scout

Score: 6/10

This a good reggae song that is light in intensity and its showcase a good singing that is free flowing with good melodies. the singer sounded a little flat in the verses but in the chorus it sounded strong and high in key which is attractive and very entertaining indeed. the instruments sounded simple but filled with beautiful melodies that makes this song sound inviting.

Reviewed on 08 Mar 2011 by a 3-star scout

Score: 7/10

This song reminds of bob marley. I like the message of the song because it is meaningful and lyrics of the song is empowering. The beat of the song has a nice vibe and the tune is melodic. The tempo of the song is calm and smooth. The vocalist has a charismatic voice and his skill over his voice is impressive just needs to deliver the song with more energy. The recording quality is clear and neat.

Reviewed on 06 Mar 2011 by a 2-star scout

Score: 6/10

The intro was quite catchy and attention grabbing. This song sounded quite fun and original. The music also had a toe-tapping rhythm, and I enjoyed the lyrics as they seemed to have a nice meaning to them. The only downside was that I found it a bit repetitive. Also, I liked the guitar solo partway through.

13-Feb-2011  13:29

This seems to do alright. the male vocals bring a reggae feel to this track but i like the desire and presence they have at least. The

sound track was also fairly complimentary to his style as well.


07-Jan-2011  01:37

Nice take on the reggae sound, clever vocals sound more powerful and gravelly than the standard reggae sound. Slowish pace

throughout the track combine well with the reggae sound!


10-Dec-2010  09:13

I quite liked the reggae beat to this track, a bit different. The lyrics are very well thought out, and there is plenty of emotion in the



09-Dec-2010  14:40

Nothing bad about it.  I would have liked the singers accent to be a little thicker, would have added to the track.  I'm  digging the

message behind the lyrics.  The guitar solo was well placed, and sounded good.


24-Dec-2008  08:45

very nicely sung. i like the vocals and the trumpet sounds in teh background. it all worked well to be a very atmopheric song and i think

you have a very powerful voice with lots of clarity and volume there. i enjoyed teh passion overall keep up teh good effort overall. well



18-Dec-2008  11:20

There is a nice strong blend of reggae rhythms flowing through this record i love the balance the trumpets have with the tempo and

percussions as the music sounds quality but above all very well compatible with one another.

The rasta tones influence the reggae feeling and the effects are very overwhelming to listen to.

Excellent effort and a convincing song will i think do you justice.


17-Dec-2008  10:22

simple ragga backing.

Good clear lyrics and simple yet draw you in.

Simple sentiment and easy to listen to.

Definitely worth a listen.


17-Dec-2008  02:59

ve a responsibility to expect a high level of abstraction [from students]. And the expectations are high because they can do it."

----Professor William Summers

"Art matters - simply put. We need to be music


14-Dec-2008  11:18

This had a reggae feel and the music was really good. I liked the horns and the vocals and melody fit the lyric and feel very well. The

track is in need of compression and leveling as the music is not blended together that well and needs work but a great demo





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  • Average score: 6.36

Reviewed on 03 May 2011 by a 3-star scout

Score: 6/10

The vocals start off a little flat, but grow into the song as it progresses. I thought the music had a bit of energy, but needs more variety to keep it interesting and dynamic. Worth a listen, but with room to improve.

Reviewed on 19 Apr 2011 by a 3-star scout

Score: 7/10

The drum beat at the intro sounded captivating, it was played clean. the musical arrangement is very good, all the instruments blended nicely. the vocals had a unique voice and his style of singing works out well in this song. the lyrics was great, it had nice meaning. the flow of music was good, I enjoyed how this track sounded, it gives me good mood.

Reviewed on 12 Apr 2011 by a 1-star scout

Score: 8/10

I think that the drum beats were dynamic in this track and the combination of this with guitar sound is making the track very attractive. The singer has very good and clear voice but i find the singing little old style

Reviewed on 19 Mar 2011 by a 2-star scout

Score: 6/10

The voice is kind of annoying and the melody is awful. the whole song should just be rewritten musically.

Reviewed on 04 Mar 2011 by a 2-star scout

Score: 6/10

Sexy voice with a decent range to it. Thankfully fairly strong too as the instruments get a little loud in a couple of places. Good lyrics - worth a listen

Reviewed on 24 Feb 2011 by a 3-star scout

Score: 5/10

It was OK. Initally got my attention when the music first started, very nearly lost me as it seemed nothing was happening until the vocals kicked in and thenit was OK.


13-Feb-2011  09:36

The beginning sounded strange and odd. I was waiting for more effect in the singing. I liked the vocal voice was kind of catchy. I think

the song had good rhytm


10-Feb-2011  06:21

Vocals were sung well and had a nice feel to them.Clear in delivery, projected and performed well and sung with conviction.Music was

an interesting mix of different genres that worked and made track stand out


03-Feb-2011  12:45

Nice keyboards and good vocals that sounded very Jamaican and reggae style. I liked the song it had a nice beat and utilised the style

of Caribbean music using electric guitar


24-Jan-2011  20:57

I reallt liked this track. It is really consistent musically and lyrically and is very well balanced on the whole. The beat is infectous and

the drums really boost its feel. I really like the tone of the singers voice and the little guitar parts really accentuate this.


05-Jan-2011  19:56

this is a cheeys and over th etop classic rock song. it has preidctable easy to pick up lyrics and msuci which is simple.


11-Dec-2010  21:09

This reggaish rock song sounded heavy and strong, the drums especialy sounded strong, the vocal and melody were pretty sharp.


11-Dec-2010  18:18

This is a nice song, the muisc is wondgerful on this song,this track should be played on the radio, the young teenagers would like this



20-Dec-2008  16:41

this was a good soul track. it was full of passionate vocals. the vocals were sung with strength. i liked the feel of the song which was

quite reggae in its. a good tune to listen to


17-Dec-2008  14:13

A very mediteranian style track, the vocals remind me a tad of bob marley. enjoyed this song a lot!


17-Dec-2008  00:28

amazingly simply just great vocals, rhythm well done and great sound, and voice.






Here's a summary of your 10 Slicethepie Reviews:



  • Average score: 6.24

Reviewed on 28 Apr 2011 by a 1-star scout

Score: 7/10

Reggae style track which has a real modern feel to it. Has a slice of pop interweaved with it to set it aside form the more traditional Bob Marley style of reggae. Potentially one to listen to.

Reviewed on 21 Apr 2011 by a 3-star scout

Score: 5/10

the song opened with the slow keyboard notes and the smooth beat as the song got going, I thought the mjusic was enjoyable and smooth but not the most productive song as it left the sinegr to do most of the work. the singer joined and I did like his reggae based verses but I thought the chorus was a bit tacky especially with his use of the auto tune. The song was hit and miss but enjoyable at times too

Reviewed on 14 Apr 2011 by a 3-star scout

Score: 3/10

The song is not really portraying accurately the romanticizism of the lyrics that are being sung about.

Reviewed on 24 Mar 2011 by a 2-star scout

Score: 7/10

Nice soft sounds to this one the effect on the singers vocals needs removing though as it does sound like he has a good voice when this is removed the sound is soft and gentle and has a lovely reggae type rhtyhm to it which works well

Reviewed on 15 Mar 2011 by a 1-star scout

Score: 9/10

Funky and alert, this certainly gets the mood lifted but the introduction takes too long to get into the swing of things.

Reviewed on 05 Mar 2011 by a 1-star scout

Score: 10/10

You can tell by the beginning of the song sounds like a love song even before you hear it.


22-Feb-2011  14:11

 the vocals in thsi song are too stirng and this means thatgt he music in this is over shadowed by it, the vocals need to be more chileld 

and of a better quality than they are at present, changes needed


11-Feb-2011  14:47

I really disliked this metalic-likerobot voice in the beginning - it really sounded horrible. But the vocal after it was really fine, sounded 

clear and really good. Melody is some kind of groovy. I really liked it. It feels like combining raegge with soft ballad.


25-Jan-2011  09:45

Like the song nice and sweet nice feeling iwth a gkind of happy eraggee the reagge f its in well with the fade ot nice song and a lto of 

thing put togher to create a raly good effet that s cool i like the wya its set out


21-Jan-2011  12:33

I think this is reggae but the male vocals are quite heavily tweaked in places which really doesnt help. It wasnt awful before then but it wasnt reall a track full of promise either.


13-Jan-2011  06:46

I love how it sounds. It is easy to listen to and its very upbeat. It is bound to make everyone happy! Why? Because its about a man who has found someone he loves very much!


08-Jan-2011  00:05

At first it sounded alright, I think it would have been better in the intro if you didn't add the effect that made it hard to hear the lyrics. 

After a while it began to sound weird, the rhythm did not sound right to me. Atleast I could tell you put your emotions into it when you 

sang. One of the most beautiful things I see when one sings is whether or not they enjoy the process.


24-Nov-2010  06:00

it was quite easy to sing along with the track. the vocals was very pronounced,  a bouncy and swayibng instrumentals. the sounds were 

defined and clear. but what made the track listenable all the way was that singing was very natural.


17-Dec-2008  11:14

This track seems a bit lost between cheesy pop music and hiphop but it does neither very well. The lyrics are very basic and the beat is standard.


14-Dec-2008  23:35

Interesting track with a nice chilled out vocal style with some great lyrics, help this track flow along. A nice refreshing upbeat tune that would lift your spirits. All in all a nice sexy track to listen to.


14-Dec-2008  19:14

A jolly sounding song with a similar vibe to Bob Marley, I quite like it, the vocals are performed with a real passion to them, the arrangement of the music is solid with some interesting sounds used to add texture





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